Participants to the ICA-AP Committee on Agriculture Meeting.

Philippine delegates together with the new ICA AP Regional Director, Balu Iyer and the ICA AP President, Mr. Li Chunsheng.

While waiting for our Welcome Dinner to Start at KLAPA with our new found friend, Dr. Sasaki Taro and Ms. Noor of ANGKASA.

Ms. Doris and myself together with VICTO National Long time friend, Mr. Robby Tulus at the ICA Asia and Pacific Cooperative Forum at BICC, Bali, Indonesia.

Ms. Doris, Cong, Paez, Jose Ebron and Renia Salinas with Charles Gould, ICA Director General at the ICA Asia and Pacific Cooperative Forum.

Philippine Delegates to the 11th ICA -AP Regional Assembly.

Cong. Paez together with the other presenters during the Technical Session on Evidences of Sustainable Socio-Economic-Environmental Growth through Co-operatives in the Region.

VICTO BOD, Doris Canares and CEO, Renia Salinas with SNCF CEO Dolly Goh and Chairperson of NCACWA of Japan, Keiko Ohkawara.

Balinese Dancers with Ms. Doris.


PCC Chair and VICTO National BOD, Doris Canares with Dame Pauline Green, ICA President, Charles Gould, ICA Director General and Dolly Goh, CEO SNCF.

Cong. Paez during his presentation at ICA-Asia and Pacific Cooperative Forum.