Dear Fellow Co-operators & Learning Partners,



We are pleased to invite your Board of Directors/Officers and/or Senior Manager/Staff to our upcoming PHILIPPINE DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION (PhDE) COURSE of 2014 to be held on September 23-29, 2014 @ VICTO Haus, 1st Street Beverly Hills, Lahug, Cebu City.


PhDE is a global educational experience presented by VICTO National in partnership with the American Credit Union Development Education Program (CUDE) that strives to bring renewed relevance to the phrase, “People Helping People.”


PhDE is inspired by the month-long courses offered by VICTO National in the 70s whose graduates have become pillars of the co-op movement today. Graduates will join the international network of 2,000+ Development Educators (DE) communicating through a list-serve.


PhDE will be facilitated by a Team of Accredited International Credit Union Development Education (I-CUDE) Facilitators:

Audie Joseph V. Samson, I-CUDE, PhDE

Executive Consultant

VICTO National

Cebu, Philippines

Michael V. Beall

President  & Chief Executive Officer

National Cooperative Business Association

Washington DC, USA

The 5-day course seeks to discuss the following core issues:


  • Access to credit

  • Democratic institutions and practices

  • Employment

  • Health

  • Elderly

  • Hunger

  • Income generation



Through the educational component of the training, program participants will gain working knowledge of:


  • Domestic development and the obstacles that prevent a growing number of consumers in the country from improving their economic status

  • International credit union development and its impact on quality of life and local/national economies

  • Youth, low-income urban, ethnic and other un- or underserved markets

  • Societal development issues and how they relate to credit unions at home and abroad

  • Philippine credit union history, philosophy and social mission, and how these apply to our movement today

  • Resources for development, both within the movement and outside of the movement


Enrollees will leave the program with:


  • A greater responsiveness to personal and social development issues

  • Enhanced conflict management and teamwork skills

  • Improved confidence and presentation skills

  • Greater ability to perform under pressure

  • Enhanced understanding of the value of co-operation

  • Broader understanding of the global co-op system


The main methodology is team teaching, utilizing a group of mentors assigned per table. There will be caselets used to facilitate discussion, and sharing is very strongly encouraged. The field trips are to various co-op organizations and their private sector competitors.


Consider yourself qualified to enroll in the PhDE Course if you:


  • Are a co-op leader / board of director/ officer of a  co-op/NGO;

  • Are a volunteer or working as an employee of a co-op/NGO;

  • Have written endorsement from employer/co-op;

  • Had experience on co-ops and would like to enhance skills and knowledge;

  • Will apply learning to promote and develop your NGO, primary co-op and the co-op movement;

  • Are (preferably) proficient in Word and Power point for writing and presentation; and

  • Submit the PhDE enrollment Form meeting all the requirements on time.


The Training Certification process is four-step:


Phase 1: Building the foundation (days 1 and 2)

Phase 2: Exploring ideas (days 3 and 4)

Phase 3: Creating tools (days 5 and 6)

Phase 4: DE Volunteer Certification                                    


The course investment of P50,000.00 includes welcome dinner on September 23, 2014, in-training food from September 24 - 28 (5 days), field visits during the workshop, learning kit and certificate, and a very special graduation gift and the 5 days classes and graduation will be at the VICTO Seminar Haus, Berverly Hills, Cebu City. Departure will be on September 29, 2014.


Applicable discount options:


  • A discounted course investment to P40,000.00 for those applications and registration fees received before August 31, 2014. 

  • 10% for every 3 participants enrolled by the same co-op/organization.


Please send your Bank Draft payable to VICTO Region VII at this account number:


  • Name of Bank: Banco de Oro, Cebu – Capitol

  • Savings Account Name: VICTO Region 7, Osmeña Shrine, Capitol Hills, Cebu City 6000

  • Savings Account No.: # 2930009213


Send us your PhDE Enrollment Form now! For details contact PhDE Coordinators: Nilo L. Cazon - mobile: 09293777375 and Mr. Rodolfo A. Idano - mobile: 09173040587; telefax: (032) 253-1317; email:; . You can keep in touch also our VICTO National Area Managers: Bellrose – mobile 09328744920,  Jacie – mobile 09328744928  Dingdong- 09228410440, Leo-09328744924, and Rey-09088669340.


We are looking forward to see you as well as your co-op leaders, board of directors, officers and senior staff and have a direct encounter with our international development facilitators.




Cooperatively Yours,

                                                                                                                        Noted by:


NILO L. CAZON, PhDE 2012                                                                       RENIA C. SALINAS

PhDE Training Coordinator                                                                            Chief Executive Officer



  • Gender and development

  • Appropriate technology

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Housing

  • Good governance

  • Youth and development

  • Savings mobilization


Take a Stand for Co-op Social Responsibility as well as Members Welfare and become a PhDE Advocate!

Register online or  forward this application directly to or for more inquiries contact:

Rodolfo A. Idano and Nilo L. Cazon (PhDE Coordinators)

VICTO National Cooperative Federation and Development Center (VICTO National)

Capitol Hills, Brgy. Kalunasan, Cebu City

Tel./Fax No. (032) 253-1317; Mobile No. 09173040587; 09293777375

E-mail: or