RABO Projects

  • Provide regular consultancy to Strngthened Cooperative Operation

  • Assisted the cooperative in Business Development

  • Consulted Regular project Monitoring

  • Provide Technical Intervention for Dairy & Banana Farmers

 Dairy Support Project is set up to increase productivity of milk animals and improve market access of milk producers in project areas.


The co-operative facilitates the procurement, processing, and marketing of the dairy products produced, provides education to the unions on successful dairy processing, and assists with animal care including artificial insemination, vaccination, and feeding. As a result of the perishable nature of milk and the range of skills involved in its production and marketing, dairying requires a number of services that can best be provided by cooperative action.

Mr. Libawas of NEFEDACO milking his cow

milk products of NEFEDACO " Le Grand Flavored Fresh Milk

Family dairy enterprise of Libawas family

Project RABO with VICTO partnership meeting

Mr. Ben Lagunday pouring newly harvested milk into milk can

Mr. Ben Lagunday pouring newly harvested milk into milk can

Mr. Manilla with his herd of dairy animals in Coop Managed Farm

milk products of Belison MPC "Dairy Dream Flavored Fresh Milk


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Banana growing is a promising sector, with attractive export opportunities for fair trade and eco-bananas to International markets.


The cooperative aims to boost productivity and to grow a better quality fruit. Thru training sessions and knowledge transfer by VICTO experts, the cooperative has already made progress in improving productivity and quality. It is making every effort to gain fair trade certification, which would bestow a great deal of advantages on its members. This particular support phase is centred on creating a solid economic base for the cooperative and its farmers. An obvious next step is financing production, investing in production plant or further professionalising the cooperative organisation.

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