Redefining Co-ops

Taking off from the context of generation gap, how many from the sector exactly is maximizing the power of social media such as Facebook, Tweeter, Blog, Multiply? To quote a few pointers from the speakers:


“Unlike mass media, the power in social media is not in media, but in the social.”


“From the business point of view: It gives you an unmatched cost-effective way to reach, interact and talk with your customers’ everyday, and several times a day! The fact is: millions of people are creating content for the social web.”


Business Week, February 19, 2009 six years ago told business outfits “If your organization isn’t putting itself out there, it ought to be. Above all, your competitors are already there!”

Second, environment being one of the areas raised by the youth leaders in response to one of the thrusts of IYC (International Year of Cooperatives), the BEE Seminar was conducted in Gen. Santos City, November of 2011. The Basic Environment Education is an activity based awareness program which aims to bring about a MINDFUL EFFORT that we do not just speak about caring for the environment but ACT on it as well! The event was participated by about 30 youth leaders from the school sector, barangay and the young co-op leaders.


The challenge continues. We speak of succession planning; faced with the formidable question “ is anyone next in line?” What better way to start implementation by getting the YOUTH completely involved!