Training of Trainers on Gender for Cooperative


This course aims to provide understanding on the basic concepts of gender equality and its importance in the kind of work that co-op and other related organizations do to inspire change for women and men for the development of the co-operatives.


Recognizing that there is still much work to be done to raise the gender awareness of both women and men in co-operative, a Trainers Training for Gender will be conducted to help trainers and advocates enhance their skills specifically in handling gender education.


After the training, the participants’ knowledge, attitudes, skills and capacity will be enhanced as gender trainers in order for them to organize, conduct and manage gender equality related training activities in co-ops.




Day 1 July 1



Travel time, arrival and check in at the hotel after 1PM (no meals yet) Free time to explore the city


Day 2, July 2


06:00-08:00     Breakfast

08:00-09:00     Registration

09:00-09:30     Opening Activities

09:30-09:45     Introduction and Overview of the Training

09:45-10:15     Setting/Leveling of Expectations and

Host Team Formation

10:15-10:30     Coffee / Tea Break

10:30-12:30     Gender Concepts

- Video Presentation: “The Impossible


- Discussion about the video

- Discussion on Gender Concepts

o Sex and Gender

12:30-01:30     Lunch Break

01:30-03:00     Gender Socialization

- Socialization Process

- Gender Roles

03:00-03:15     Coffee / Tea Break

03:15-05:15     Gender Issues in Households and


05:15-06:00     Gender Affirmative Actions (Personal)


Day 3, July 3


06:00-08:30     Breakfast

08:30-09:00     Preliminaries c/o Host Team

09:00-10:00     Manifestations of Gender Issues in the


10:00-10:15     Coffee / Tea Break

10:15-12:30     Shaping the Gender Programme of the


- “What is a Gender-Fair Co-operative?”


- Gender Affirmative Actions (Co-operative): Determining the Gender Program

of the Co-op

12:30-01:30     Lunch Break


Day 3, July 3 (continuation)


01:30-03:00     The Gender Trainer (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude)

03:00-03:30     Coffee / Tea Break

03:30-05:30     Adult Learning Principles and the

Training and Education Process

05:30-06:00     Break

06:00-10:00     Socialization and Dinner


Day 4, July 4


06:00-08:00     Breakfast

08:00-08:30     Preliminaries c/o Host Team

08:30-10:30     Training Methodologies and

Techniques for Gender Training

10:30-10:45     Coffee / Tea Break

10:45-12:00     Digital Storytelling

12:00-01:00     Lunch Break

01:00-04:00     Continuation of Digital Storytelling

04:00-05:00     Planning the Gender Training for

the Co-op

05:00-06:30     Practicum: Instructions and Preparation

06:30-07:00     Dinner


Day 5, July 5

06:00-08:00     Breakfast

08:00-08:30     Preliminaries c/o Host Team

08:30-04:30     Practicum/Demonstration of a Gender

Training Session

04:30-05:30     Wrap-up and Closing Activities

06:00               Dinner and Night Market Survey


Day 6, July 6

Morning           Departure for Home

(after breakfast)